Reach TV Audiences

If they have DTH service, you can connect to them.

Measure TV Vieweship

Get information about all those who are watching the television

Track Top Shows

Know the top watched shows region wise or overall

Provide All Data

Analyze the data collected with various filters and options.

TV Viewing - Why Bother?

  • Access to TV 180 million households (out of 223 million) : 80%
  • Access to cable / satellite TV : 120 million households 54%
  • DTH Subscribers: 20 million households: 10%
  • 650 TV Channels
  • Rs 34,000 Crore Television Business
  • Rs 11,700 Crore Ad Revenues
  • 31 march 2015 : deadline for TV Digitization across India
  • IPTV available

TV Viewing - Current Gaps

  • Data
    • Methodology not in public domain
    • TRP often challenged
    • Data available late
    • Only for programmes or hours not for Ads
  • Coverage
    • Only 8,000 homes tell the picture of 143 million households
    • Rural areas hardly covered
  • Meters
    • Measures and Results are biased
    • Cannot be given and placed due to costs

TV Viewing - What's Required

  • Real Time Data
    • Media planners want to know figures real time
    • Was the Ad watched or skipped
  • Complete Coverage
    • Cover urban as well as rural India
    • Cover all states, territories
    • Cover viewers of all major languages
  • Demographics
    • Which type of households watch which types of programmes
    • Are there specific type of programmes watched by certain demographics

Real Time Infographics